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Brian Chippendale Opens His First Solo Exhibition at Cinders Gallery

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BROOKLYN, NY.- “What lies behind the Black Hole, does Disney truly know? When the chips are finished and the human brain is no less the floppy disk of yesterday, who’s to say what it will take to survive. All I can do is copy down the instructions I am given, sharpen them into a knife and stab the asshole barking orders.” -Brian Chippendale And stab and stab and stab. The sweat from stabbing has pooled into an overflowing rainbow-hued river [...]

The Cars’ Ric Ocasek Exhibits in NY for the First Time at Cinders Gallery

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BROOKLYN, NY.- “Teahead Scraps” marks Ric Ocasek’s first art exhibition in New York and features never before seen drawings selected from a body of work that spans the last 30 years. Like the music of his beloved rock band “The Cars”, his drawings are unabashedly pop- and yet unlike his music’s super sleek veneer, these works are a bit more raw and unedited, revealing meditative moments of a Zen-like drawing practice. Never intended for public view, these works on paper [...]