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Pinacotheque de Paris Announces Alberto Giacometti and the Etruscans Exhibition

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PARIS.- It is the most eventful exhibition of the fall, an exhibition that the specialists and art lovers of Giacometti, have been expecting for over fifty years. Giacometti’s attraction to the primitive figure was present very early on in the artist’s oeuvre. Etruscan art, which he first of all discovered in the Louvre, in the archeological department, where he went regularly, then during the exhibition on the Etruscans in 1955 in Paris, was, however, to produce in the artist a very [...]

Pinacotheque de Paris Presents a Retrospective Exhibition of Works by Hugo Pratt

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PARIS- The Pinacothèque de Paris presents an exhibition of works by Hugo Pratt, on view from March 17 through August 21, 2011. Thanks to this vast retrospective, the public can discover the breadth of the talent of the creator of Corto Maltese. This exhibition shows over 150 watercolors, most of them little known by the broad public, as well as historical images, more specifcally the whole of the 164 plates of the mythical Ballade de la mer salée. Since the [...]